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Producer. Director. Artist.  Author. Philanthropist. Motivational Speaker.
Tracy Danielle is recognized as an inspirational thought leader, whose guidance has been carefully curated from her life’s experiences. Widely recognized in the entertainment industry for her bold, poignant and innovative music videos with influential and controversial talent from across the globe, Tracy’s work has earned acclaim for its sensitive portrayal of the humane side of hip hop life.

“Music videos have the ability to share creative storytelling, while being a rewarding way to express oneself in the arts and entertainment word.”        


To discuss creative film & video production ideas and for a quote email, allow 24 to 48 hours for response.


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With over 25 years of dynamic experience with musicians, actors, actresses, reality tv talent and society figures, Tracy has an extensive portfolio of work including music videos, documentaries, films, television shows, commercials and high profile events. Reading like a “Who’s Who” list in the hip hop entertainment world, Tracy’s clientele seek her unparalleled storytelling capabilities which allow their artistry to shine. Earning hundreds of production credits for work over the years, Tracy has also been behind various reality tv shows, creating more opportunities in front of the camera and behind the scenes for featured talent.

As a co-producer of Thug Angel, the critically acclaimed documentary on the life of the iconic late rapper, Tupac Shakur, Tracy played an instrumental role in the portrayal of him posthumously. Today, Tracy has transitioned from her entertainment industry roles to live event motivational speaking.

“Maturity brings clarity, and now more than ever I can see how my life’s journey has been carefully crafted- positioning me to share life, love, and lessons learned along the way with those who are searching for it.”
Inspired by music video directors such as F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuquoa, Brett Ratner and McG who have reinvented themselves into artistically and commercially successful feature film directors, Tracy is grateful for the exceptional talent she has been able to collaborate with.

Tracy Danielle’s prolific accomplishments in both the music and film industries provided unparalleled experiences for Tracy to inspiration from, while learning powerful lessons she now shares in seminars, motivational speaker opportunities and workshops.  Leading with a servant heart, Tracy is compelled to share transcendent messages of peace, love and healing to propel a movement of change.
In recent years, Tracy has had the privilege of further cultivating the art of relationships and production through her work with Mastro’s Restaurants. As the Director of Events, Tracy has played a pivotal role in the growth and development of the Mastro’s experience for affluent clientele in Southern California.


Professional Credentials + Company Affiliations
Central State University, Communications Studies
University of California, Los Angeles Film Extension Courses
American Film Institute Extension Courses

Mastro’s Restaurants: Ocean Club Location: Director of Events
Founder and CEO: Look Hear Sound and Vision
Unit Production Manager:  “The D-List” Show, Bravo,

   Featuring Kathy Griffin
Director/Producer: Greene, Broillet, Panish and Wheeler
Director/ Producer: Sea Song Music & Lust for Life Events
Talent Executive/Audio Visual Coordinator: Masai Films &

   Rainbow Coalition Annual Gala, Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel
Producer: The Single Mom Show
Producer: Development of Reality Show, Laguna Art Life
Co-Producer: FulCage & Single Mom Foundation
Additional Roles with: Fragile Films, Propaganda,

   Two Headed Monster and Squeak Pictures.

Music Video and Film Production Client List
Hip Hop Clientele: Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, MoThugs, Layzie

   Bone, Jodeci, Lina Santiago, Queen Latifah, Eryhah Badu and Rick James.  

Look Hear Sound and Vision: Responsible for more than a dozen of   

   rapper/director Ice Cube's productions as well as several works by

   the multi-platinum selling artist, Tupac.
Actress Kim Fields
Reality TV Stars: Anna Nicole Smith and Kathy Griffin
Sinbad: Behind the Scenes Production


Co-Producer: Thug Angel, Documentary on the life of the iconic late rapper, Tupac Shakur.
Director:  Billies (Ha’Ru Entertainment)
Transition Director/Post Director: Wasabi Tuna (Celia Fox Entertainment), starring the late Anna Nicole Smith.
Documentary: Featuring Tracy Danielle and her creative collaboration with the late Tupac Shakur.
Documentary: Featuring Tracy Danielle and her work with production company Look Hear Sound and Vision.


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