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As you mature in life you get a chance to take a look back on the paths you've taken.  See how far you've come and what you've learned as well as what you can share.

Currently Tracy Danielle Robinson is the director of events at a five-star restaurant Mastro's Ocean club in Newport Beach she also is a motivational speaker with Lyfe Expressions which manifests itself in many different ways.


Tracy Danielle has years of experience as a Southern California-based freelance director and producer.  She studied communications at Central State College in Ohio and West Los Angeles College, and later took courses in filmmaking at AFI (American Film Institute) Extension and UCLA Extension.  She is widely known in the entertainment industry for her bold, poignant, and cutting edge music videos.  In the past, she has been increasingly garnered praise for her artistry that reveals the sensitive and humane side of hip hop life.  One of her first jobs was working at The Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim, a live event theater in the round venue, a solid intro into the entertainment business


Ms. Robinson was a co-producer of Thug Angel, the critically acclaimed documentary on the life of the late rapper icon, Tupac Shakur.  She Directed two short films, she has demonstrated her talent for filmmaking beyond music videos.  She was the director of Billies (Ha’Ru Entertainment) and a transition director/post director of Wasabi Tuna (Celia Fox Entertainment), starring Anna Nicole Smith.  She has a documentary in the works about her work with Tupac and one about the first production company Look Hear Sound and Vision.


Ms. Robinson has production credits for hundreds of music videos, films, television shows, commercials, and numerous legal documentary videos.  She has held professional positions at Fragile Films, Propaganda, Two Headed Monster, and Squeak Pictures.  She now heads Sea Song Music. and Lust for Life Events that focuses on all aspects of capturing entertainment, particularly live performance entertainment that can be streamed live on the internet.


Ms. Robinson's list of music video and production clients reads like a "Who's Who" in the world of hip hop entertainment. Her clients include Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, MoThugs, Layzie Bone, Jodeci, Lina Santiago, Queen Latifah, and Rick James.   Her former company, Look Hear, was responsible for more than a dozen of rapper/director Ice Cube's productions as well as several works by the multi-platinum selling artist, Tupac.  Ms. Robinson has also collaborated with actress Kim Fields.  She worked behind the scenes in production for Sinbad.  And she was the Producer of the BREAKIN OUT special benefiting inner city kids that aired on Pay Per View TV.  She has worked on reality TV shows starring Anna Nicole Smith and Kathy Griffin.  Ms. Robinson feels The Reality TV world has allowed for a varied amount of programming with a twist in storytelling, creating more opportunities in entertainment talent in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

Today, Ms. Robinson is focused on making a seamless and successful transition from music video director/producer to feature film director.


Music Video Directors such as F. Gary Gray, Antoine Fuquoa, Brett Ratner and McG have all reinvented themselves into artistically and commercially successful feature film directors, and continue to inspire Ms. Robinson.  In addition to her hands-on work as a director, Tracy’s experience in feature film production has given her a firm and practical understanding of many facets of the video & film industry. Tracy Danielle’s prolific accomplishments and multi-tasking skills in both the music and film industries leave her well poised to move gracefully into other avenues of her choosing.  She continues to enjoy directing music videos, producing & performing herself.  “Music videos have the ability to share creative storytelling and it is a rewarding way to express yourself in arts & entertainment”, says Ms. Robinson.

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